100 solutions to bounce back from Covid19: discover the 2020 Selected Projects!

In 2020, the world is facing a health crisis with dramatic consequences that knows no borders and calls for collective solutions. Yet international coordination is at a loss, while short-term national calculations and lack of solidarity, especially with developing countries, take precedence.

The Paris Peace Forum was created to respond to this crisis of multilateralism, which is not new but has sharply increased in 2020. Given the scale of the challenges before us, the Forum will devote its third edition to projects and initiatives from around the world aimed at providing immediate responses to the Coronavirus crisis, improving our resilience in the medium term, and rebuilding a more sustainable world.

Ten days after the American election, and ten days before the G20 Summit in Riyadh, the third edition of the Paris Peace Forum will be the first international event of its kind after the emergence of the pandemic, from 11 to 13 November 2020, providing a universal and inclusive platform for all actors involved in the response to the crisis. Given the health prevention measures related to the Coronavirus pandemic, this third edition of the Forum will take a hybrid form: partly in person, partly online.

The Call for Projects launched in March 2020 received more than 850 applications – a record since the creation of the Forum – from all types of actors: NGOs, companies, international organizations, states, local authorities… This is a sign that, despite the pandemic, there remains an astounding reservoir of international cooperation and a willingness to respond to the crisis collectively.

Of the 100 Selected Projects, 46 focus on immediate responses to the health, social and economic crisis, particularly concentrating on the three priorities of this year’s Forum:

  • the governance of health
  • the use and regulation of digital tools and platforms to respond to the crisis
  • the support of civil society and economic activity in times of pandemics

Other selected initiatives provide answers to many challenges that did not disappear with the Coronavirus or, on the contrary, have increased: reconciling development finance with climate efforts , protecting the oceans, improving access to clean water, making outer space safe and sustainable, regulation the use of data and AI, enhancing the governance of education and ensuring gender equality.

A universal call for projects to respond to the crisis around the world

The responses to this third Call for Projects confirms the role of the Forum as a major player in international coordination, given that half of the projects selected by the Selection Committee are implemented globally, or on at least two continents.

A diversity of actors in collective action

The 2020 Selected Projects are led by a variety of actors from 61 different countries. They are initiated in particular by states (4 projects), international organizations (25 projects), NGOs (36 projects) as well as companies, foundations, local authorities and think tanks.

Solutions to go beyond the rhetoric and face the crisis in an immediate and concrete way

The selected project leaders will thus be able to present their solution from 11 to 13 November at the Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris or on a digital platform specially developed for the event. This third edition will be an opportunity for project leaders to reach out to thousands of actors in collective action and make a concrete contribution to ending the crisis and building a more sustainable world.

“It is now clear that the cost of the Covid-19 pandemic will be all the more exorbitant should not be able to provide a collective response. Yet the indicators of international cooperation are all trending poorly. The Forum was created to defend and advance multilateralism: while many states are dragging their feet, the massive response to our Call for Projects, and the superb selection of 100 projects for this 2020 edition, show that we can count on other forces to respond to the crisis.”

Justin Vaïsse, Director General of the Paris Peace Forum
Some major highlights of the 2020 Paris Peace Forum

📅 The Official Ceremony – 12 November Dozens of heads of state and government and international organizations will gather around French President Emmanuel Macron, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus to work on a collective response to the coronavirus pandemic. This great moment will closely follow the model of previous editions (Antonio Guterres and Angela Merkel in 2018; Ursula von der Leyen, Wang Qishan and Felix Tshisekedi in 2019).  

The Finance in Common Summit of Public Development Banks – 12 November This ground-breaking summit will focus on the exceptional contribution of development banks to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and implementing the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Business Track – 13 November Organized around companies rising up to improve the collective response and resilience to Coronavirus. This unique element of the third edition will explore how to to reform the production and trade system into a more sustainable model.

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