A third edition to bounce back to a better planet

On 11-13 November 2020, the third edition of the Paris Peace Forum will offer a first opportunity to gather the international community and turn the page of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“To all of the actors of global governance – heads of state, major foundations, businesses or civil society: I look forward to seeing you on 11 November in Paris, or perhaps online, depending on the conditions imposed on all of us – for the third edition of the Paris Peace Forum. The victory we will achieve over the Coronavirus will also be one of multilateralism, cooperation, and solidarity.”

Excerpt from the message of greeting sent by French President Emmanuel Macron on the occasion of the Paris Peace Forum Spring Meeting of 27 April 2020.

Bouncing back to a better planet

Amid suffering, anxiety and uncertainty, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us back to our common humanity. It has also brought to the fore the urgency to better organize the planet. Recovery and resilience will not be attained by one country in isolation, or even by governments alone.

Since 2018, the Paris Peace Forum has been the place where heads of state and international organizations meet civil society and the private sector to construct new forms of collective action. On 11-13 November 2020, its third edition will be chiefly devoted to the multi-actor response to Coronavirus, with the conviction that we can collectively overcome the enormous challenges before us – and use the crisis as an opportunity to rebuild a more sustainable world.

“The current crisis shows how dependent national leaders– even those rejecting multilateralism – are on collective action for essential tasks like finding and distributing a vaccine, supporting fragile countries and restoring a Coronavirus-free world. Never has the multi-actor approach that underpinned the creation of the Paris Peace Forum been so necessary.”

Justin Vaïsse, Director General of the Paris Peace Forum
Shape of the event: A hybrid format

We do not know what public health instructions will be in mid-November 2020. It is possible that some countries will still be under lockdown, or that travel will be limited. For this reason, we are preemptively planning for a hybrid event: partly in-person, partly online. The respective size of each part will depend on the conditions of travel in the Fall. We do not conceive of this hybrid event simply as a stopgap measure, but rather as an opportunity to explore new forms of collective interaction which we might retain and improve in future editions.

The physical, in-person part of the event, in Paris, remains central. Its highlights will comprise:

  • The Official Ceremony including heads of state and international organizations, invited by President Macron to work on the collective response to Coronavirus. It will be one of the first such gatherings after – we hope – the bulk of the pandemic has passed. This major event will closely follow the model of previous editions, having welcomed Antonio Guterres and Angela Merkel in 2018, followed during the 2019 edition by Ursula von der Leyen, Wang Qishan, and Félix Tshisekedi. In 2020, we will include prominent leaders of health-oriented international organizations, starting with the Director-General of the World Health Organization, in addition to heads of state representing various nations across the global South.
  • The Finance in Common Summit of Public Development Banks, focused on the crisis and subsequent economic and social recovery while redoubling efforts to achieve our common and global goals for sustainable development (alignment with Agenda 2030 and COP21 climate objectives).
  • A presentation of the 2020 selected projects coming from NGOs and foundations, the private sector, international organizations, local governments, academics and experts.
  • The Business Track of the Paris Peace Forum, organized around companies rising up to improve the collective response and resilience to Coronavirus. This unique element of the third edition focused on the private sector will give high-level CEOs a chance to take the stage.

The digital part of the event will accompany and complete the physical part by plugging in many participants from around the world in high-level debates and allowing pitches by project leaders. The innovative setting of the Forum will offer online opportunities for a broad public to interact with project leaders as well as high-level participants, and to experiment new and powerful forms of digital networking.

Focus of the event: Recovering and building a better day after

The third edition of the Forum will be centered on the collective response to Coronavirus, both in terms of improving our immediate response and resilience, and of rebuilding a more sustainable world.

  1. Improving the global governance of health, with a view to increasing coordination among actors, launching initiatives, enhancing alert systems and preparedness, and boosting local health systems in developing countries.
  2. Fixing and greening capitalism: Beyond necessary emergency measures – including for developing countries – to kick-start and sustain activity, we need to build economies that are fairer and more inclusive, and productive systems that are environmentally sustainable.
  3. Getting data and social media to help, not hurt: Cyber solutions contribute to tackling the pandemic, but they can jeopardize privacy and freedom. Hence the necessity to fight fake news, decide on proper regulation of the use of personal data, and increase cybersecurity for all.

Other global governance issues such as regional security architectures and peace, gender equality, education (with the threat posed to fragile education systems), biodiversity – especially regarding oceans and access to clean water – as well as the governance of outer space will remain on the agenda.

How to participate?

The 2020 Call for Projects was open from March through 24 June, during which time hundreds of global governance solutions were received.

Throughout the coming months, stay tuned by following our different social media channels and subscribe to the newsletter for further details about the different ways to participate in the #ParisPeaceForum2020.

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