The 2020 Call for Projects tackles the COVID-19 pandemic head-on

The Paris Peace Forum calls on all organizations to bring concrete and innovative solutions that tackle global challenges and to present them at the third edition of its annual event. The deadline of the Call for Projects has been extended to Wednesday 24 June 2020 at 6pm (Paris time) or 4pm (GMT).

The Paris Peace Forum is centered on those who seek to develop concrete and innovative solutions for today’s transborder challenges.

Each year, a Call for Projects is launched to showcase and support normative projects (instruments of law, standards and good practices) as well as capacity-building projets (new institutions, mechanisms and innovations) in 6 major themes:

Times of crisis call for collective action

Since 2018, the Paris Peace Forum has served as the place where heads of state and international organizations meet civil society and the private sector to construct new forms of collective action. Multi-stakeholder solutions to the biggest global governance challenges facing today’s world are at the very heart of the Paris Peace Forum.

 In 2020, the world faces a transnational challenge in the form of a worldwide health crisis, that has brought to the fore the urgency to better organize the planet. It is now, more than ever, that the force of multilateral action is required to face the variety of implications sprouting from the international pandemic.

The current crisis shows how dependent national leaders are – even those rejecting multilateralism – on collective action for essential tasks like finding and distributing a vaccine, supporting fragile countries and restoring a Coronavirus-free world. Never has the multi-actor approach that underpinned the creation of the Paris Peace Forum been so necessary.”

– Justin Vaïsse, Director General of the Paris Peace Forum

This year, given the extraordinary context of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Forum will emphasize projects and initiatives from around the world seeking to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, improve our collective resilience and build a more robust and sustainable world. Therefore, the 2020 Call for Projects will henceforth give particular attention to responses and solutions aiming to improve the current context, prevent future crises, and facilitate a transition to a better tomorrow.

Such a transnational challenge can be tackled through an infinite number of approaches, with many unforeseen adverse effects. The 2020 Call for Projects of the Paris Peace Forum will focus on responses pertaining to improving the governance of health, the use and regulation of digital tools and platforms to respond to the crisis, and the support of civil society and economic activity in times of pandemics.

Yet existing governance challenges persist

We also know that the existing challenges facing our world have not and will not waiver in the face of a new crisis. While the media spotlight may be on the current COVID-19 outbreak, in the sidelines the issues of peace & security, development, environment, new technologies, economic divide, education, and culture all carry on. In order to ensure a better world of tomorrow, such challenges should not be forgotten, rather, we should use this opportunity of collective and creative action to integrate such issues as we rebuild a better tomorrow.

In this spirit, the 2020 Call for Projects will continue a focus on initiatives addressing other global governance issues, particularly those related to the following objectives:

  • Constructing more solid security architectures
  • Reconciling development finance with climate efforts
  • Crafting sustainable capitalism
  • Protecting the oceans
  • Improving access to clean water
  • Making outer space safe and sustainable
  • Securing cyberspace
  • Regulating the use of data and AI
  • Enhancing the governance of education
  • Ensuring gender equality

Innovative projects are at the heart of the Forum, and we want to hear from you!

As the current situation unfolds, there remains the risk of restrictions to travel and large gatherings come November. For this reason, we are preemptively planning for a hybrid event: partly in-person, partly online.

The Paris Peace Forum is committed to putting the spotlight on solutions to global governance challenges in any way possible, both via physical participation in Paris as well as virtual visibility across a dedicated digital platform, and will release further details as they become available. By taking part in the Paris Peace Forum, both in person and virtually, project leaders will have the unique opportunity to showcase innovative solutions and push their project forward.

All public and private organizations around the world are invited to submit their projects by completing our online form. Projects accepted through 24 June, 2020 at 6pm (Paris time).

Why should you submit your project?
Explore some project examples
Global High Seas Treaty

The goal of the High Seas Alliance is to support an effective framework that allows for the successful management and conservation of biodiversity in the high seas. This would have benefits, not just for livelihoods and species in the high seas, but for citizens and ecosystems around the world, while also demonstrating that multilateralism and the rule of law can still work for the greater good.

SADA Women’s Cooperative

 SADA Women’s Cooperative aims to strengthen the resilience of refugee and local women. Powered by Turkish, Syrian and Afghan women, the cooperative is an inclusive business initiative, providing a collective income generation mechanism for refugee and Turkish women. Based in a Turkish city on the Syrian border, the cooperative fosters social cohesion through its inclusive and democratic business model, run by refugee and Turkish women in a democratic manner.

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