Download the Scale-up Committee 2019 Progress Report

Advancing the most promising governance initiatives

Beyond its immediate political impact, the Paris Peace Forum aims to advance the most promising governance projects, and to demonstrate that it is still possible to improve the collective response to global challenges in a deteriorated international environment.

In this context, a Scale-up Committee (SCUP) was set up in 2018 to provide year-long personalized support to some of the projects showcased at the Paris Peace Forum, with progress to be assessed during the following edition of the Forum. The projects supported through the Forum’s scale-up initiative are selected for having the highest potential of development while tackling crucial global governance issues.

On 13 November 2018, 10 projects were selected among 121 showcased at the first edition of the Forum to benefit from the SCUP’s customized support.

Assessing the progress made by the 10 Scale-up projects

Effective progress and performance measurements are an essential part of the implementation of the scaleup initiative. To assess the progress made by each project since November 2018, and to measure the impact of the SCUP in enabling such progress, this report offers key performance indicators (KPI) which are both comparable across projects yet adapted to each project’s specificities. This report provides a general overview of the progress made by each project across four main pillars of support:

1. Communication & Visibility

2. Policy & Advocacy

3. Partnership & Funding

4. Organization

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