Announcing the 2019 Paris Peace Forum Program

The first half of the 2019 Program has officially been announced!

Begin preparing for the 2019 Forum by exploring details of a first collection of multilateral debate sessions on the agenda. Be sure to check back throughout the month of October, as new sessions and details are regularly being added!

The flagship themes of the 2019 selected projects directly inspire a series of dynamic debate sessions aiming to discuss, evaluate and facilitate the impact of these global governance initiatives. Each program session gives experts an opportunity to lean in and share their knowledge with multi-stakeholder interlocutors in detailed debates covering the precise challenges in the themes of focus:

– Governance of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

– Protection of biodiversity

– The role of cultural industries in development

– Rethinking drug policy worldwide

– Cybersecurity

– Private sector and the sustainable development goals

– Humanitarian law enforcement

Global solutions for global issues

The 2019 Program looks beyond addressing global governance issues based on projects and initiatives, to take a more transversal approach in discussing the pressing challenges related to multilateralism today. A series of discussions on the “governance of governance” touches upon the core topics of the Forum to address transversal questions that affect each of them.

– Anti-globalism and the rise of populism

– Social inequalities or the tension between “end of the world” and “end of the month”

– How multilateralism is doing: The glass half-full and the glass-half-empty

– A better North/South balance in international organizations

Innovative formats encourage open dialogue

Sessions are constructed in a variety of innovative formats to consistently encourage close conversations, gather advice from experts and craft sustainable peace. The program favors short and dynamic sessions. Among the various debate formats, the Forum allows for many direct interactions with project leaders and key public figures. In the Hearing sessions, for example, project leaders present their initiative before heads of State and government present to hear their feedback.

Also including the launch of brand new initiatives, the 2019 debates are specially crafted to encourage open dialogue between a multitude of various actors of global governance. Many debates will be followed by a Q&A session for direct interaction with the participants, as well as various opportunities to interact directly via the Paris Peace Forum mobile application.

Multilateral Speakers

The philosophy of the Forum’s debate program is to ensure a rich diversity of content and multi-stakeholder speakers list representing a comprehensive balance of sectors, themes, and geographical areas. The Forum unites hundreds of speakers from around the globe, representing a variety of domains – local and national governments, international organizations, NGOs, large companies, philanthropy, academia, media, and more. This multi-stakeholder approach ensures everyone from high profile personalities, project experts to actors of civil society take part in open dialogue, standing united in diversity as they discuss solutions rather than problems.

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