An in-depth look at the 2019 Selected Projects

For its second edition, the Call for Projects of the Paris Peace Forum received more than 700 project submissions from 115 countries, led by a wide panel of actors of global governance, such as states, international organizations, NGOs, companies, foundations, philanthropic organizations, development agencies, religious groups, trade unions, think tanks and universities. The Selection Committee evaluated all submissions and made its choice based on a geographically balanced representation. These selected project leaders will be able to showcase their innovative work, with the Forum serving as an opportunity for them to develop, energize, and raise visibility to their project by reaching thousands of actors from across sectors and specialties. Their participation will also bring invaluable practical insight to the Forum and facilitate the exchange of best practices on the most pressing challenges the world faces.

Since announcing in June the chosen projects to present at the 2019 Forum, we have been revealing behind-the-scenes glimpses to get to know each of these global governance initiatives. From video project introductions and behind the scenes snapshots on Instagram, to expert article contributions on the Paris Peace Forum Medium blog, here’s all the ways you can explore this year’s initiatives.

“The selected projects represent a wide variety of solutions to make this planet a better place.”

Justin Vaïsse, Director General
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1. Explore the different themes and geographic areas of focus

The Paris Peace Forum continues to demonstrate that in a deteriorated international environment it is still possible to advance governance solutions and launch new initiatives in peace & security, development, environment, new technologies, inclusive economy, and culture & education. The projects presented each year fall under one or more of these governance themes, and represent a diverse geographical scope. Browse the projects by theme and area of implementation directly on our website.

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2. Meet the Project Leaders in introductory videos on Instagram and Twitter

Many of the Project Leaders have crafted a video to introduce their initiative and prepare for their participation in the Paris Peace Forum. Want to get to know the leaders and discover the different global governance initiatives? Head to our Instagram and Twitter pages to explore a collection of videos directly from the field.

3. Discover behind-the-scenes snapshots and daily lives of the project teams

In addition to videos, the 2019 Selected Projects have been busy gathering behind-the-scenes snapshots to demonstrate their project and the daily lives of those leading the initiative. From protecting culinary heritage and creating sustainable food options, to data collection for wildlife conservation, the 2019 projects cover a vast arena of governance development, each with its own lens of focus. Follow us on Instagram to see behind the scenes project footage.

4. Hear from the experts

Many Project Leaders have shared their knowledge in an in-depth guest post detailing their project and area of expertise on the Medium platform, serving as a blog for the Paris Peace Forum. Each piece centers on a global governance issue related to the author’s experience and participation in the Forum. Alongside members of the community such as Pascal Lamy, Christine Lagarde, Mo Ibrahim, or Lamia Kamal-Chaoui, thought leaders from the various project teams share their insight regarding the role of youth in biodiversity initiatives, access to information and combatting inequalities, the governance of artificial intelligence, and more.

5. Attend for yourself and meet the project teams in person

What better way to get to know the projects than by speaking to them in person this November? Request your invitation today and meet them at the Space for Solutions at La Grande Halle de La Villette, where each governance initiative will be present with their own stand and an opportunity to pitch their project during the Forum. All participants will have the opportunity to exchange directly with the project teams throughout the event, and witness the conclusive moment of the annual Forum, where the 10 projects selected to receive support from the Scale Up Committee are announced during the Closing Ceremony.

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